Three Prong Approach

The PetFix Coalition's success in sterilizing animals is directly attributable to:

1) the prudent manner in which we manage our very limited resources; and

2) our dedicated volunteers.  PetFix Coalition has a small core of volunteers who are relentlessly determined to spay and neuter as many animals as we can.  We know that future of Animal Welfare in Virginia hinges on our determined efforts.

Convinced that spay/neuter is indeed the answer to pet overpopulation, PetFix Coalition has formulated an aggressive three-pronged approach to addressing this great need throughout Virginia.

Statewide Voucher System
Transportation Services

PetFix Coalition has found that some of the pets with the greatest need for spay/neuter services have owners/guardians who need to be convinced of that fact.  Thus, we also target citizens who need to be educated about the benefits of fixing their pet now, rather than later or not at all.  These include people who wrongly believe that it's better to let their pet have "just one litter," or that it's acceptable to leave an indoor pet unaltered, or that it is impossible to spay/neuter an animal younger than six months of age.  We have found that this is the same element who dumps their "unexpected" litters of cats and dogs on the sides of country roads, at shopping centers, and anywhere else they can find.  PetFix Coalition aims to ensure that such "inconvenient" litters are never born into a world where there are not enough homes for all of them.